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Introducing IMPLAN’s First Quick Start Guide

December 5, 2023 by Chandler West

Economic impact analysis isn’t just for those with years of experience in the field of economics anymore. 

For decades, IMPLAN has been the tool that economists and researchers turn to when they want to measure the impact of an economic event on a region. IMPLAN has long been trusted to deliver easy to use impact modeling, and extensive economic analytics. Recently, the IMPLAN Product Development team has launched Quick Start Guides, which make it possible for those without an economics background to perform economic impact analysis quickly and easily by following a series of prompts that appear on the screen inside the application.

We’re pleased to announce that our first Quick Start Guide focuses on the economic impacts of construction and operations. In an environment with so much new construction on top of the ongoing operations of existing facilities, community leaders, business leaders, marketers, non-profit organizations, investors, and many other decision makers seek insights about the economic impacts of all this change. Understanding how one economic event sends ripples across the community, the region, and beyond can help them impress stakeholders, earn tax incentives, win grants, garner local support, and so much more. The Construction & Operations Quick Start Guide leads you through every step of the process, providing tips and insights along the way. 

To learn more about IMPLAN Cloud and see the first Quick Start Guide in action, request a demo today. 

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Already an IMPLAN user? The Construction & Operations Quick Start Guide is included in your IMPLAN Cloud subscription for no extra cost. Our users can give it a spin today by selecting “Guides” under “Get Started” on the IMPLAN Dashboard.

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The Construction & Operations Quick Start Guide is the first guide of many to come! 

As we develop more guides, we’re looking for user feedback. Is there a use case for which you’d like to see a Quick Start Guide in the IMPLAN Cloud application? We’d love to hear about it. Email us at product@implan.com

Learn More About the Construction & Operations Quick Start Guide

Want to learn more about the Construction and Operations Quick Start Guide? Download the white paper Easy as 1-2-3: How Anyone Can Analyze the Impact of New Construction and Operations with IMPLAN’s In-App Guides now to find out how you can unlock valuable insights, regardless of your experience level.

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Put simply, IMPLAN is built for everyone.

Together, our software and data give you a window into your region of study — like one gigantic transaction log for the local economy. Chances are that if your project or business has a financial component, then IMPLAN can reveal some sometimes surprising detail about how your project relates to the local, state, or national economy.

What used to take economists weeks can be done in minutes. By anyone!

But you're not alone, IMPLAN's best benefits go beyond the work done in the tool:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Access to orientations, trainings, and project consultations
  • Instills confidence in your analyses

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