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Chandler West

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Reveal Your Ripple Effect: Harnessing the Power of National-Level Economic Impact Analysis

Posted by Chandler West on May 23, 2024

In the realm of economic analysis, understanding the full scope and implications of a firm's activities, an industry's growth, or the repercussions of a significant event is paramount. Economic impact studies serve as invaluable tools for unraveling these complexities, shedding light on the multifaceted effects that reverberate through economies. Today, we’re exploring why leveraging IMPLAN Cloud on a national scale is indispensable for informed decision-making.

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Topics: Economics, Impact

Introducing IMPLAN’s First Enhanced Guide

Posted by Chandler West on April 4, 2024

Economic impact analysis isn’t just for those with years of experience in the field of economics anymore. 

For decades, IMPLAN has been the tool that economists and researchers turn to when they want to measure the impact of an economic event on a region. IMPLAN has long been trusted to deliver easy-to-use impact modeling, and extensive economic analytics. A few months ago, the IMPLAN Product Development team launched Quick Start Guides, which make it possible for those without an economics background to perform economic impact analysis quickly and easily by following a series of prompts that appear on the screen inside the application.

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Topics: Economics, announcement, Impact, Education

Harnessing the Power of IMPLAN Cloud to Influence Congressional Decisions

Posted by Chandler West on March 21, 2024

In the intricate dance of governance, few entities wield as much power and influence as the United States Congress. Tasked with enacting legislation and shaping the nation's trajectory, Congress represents the interests and concerns of the American people. But how can organizations ensure that their voices are not lost in the shuffle of policymaking?

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Topics: Economics, Government, Congressional Districts

Exploring the Intersection of Climate Risk Assessment and Economic Analysis with IMPLAN

Posted by Chandler West on February 29, 2024

Did you know IMPLAN’s data can help you measure the impact of climate change on specific regions and industries?

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Topics: Economics, Environmental, Risk Assessment

New in IMPLAN Cloud: Updated Canada Provincial Data

Posted by Chandler West on February 16, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the latest update of our Canada Provincial Product, with data from 2020! At IMPLAN, we are committed to providing our users with the most accurate and comprehensive economic data to drive informed decision-making and analysis.

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Topics: Data

The 2024 Super Bowl and Beyond: Four Important Considerations for Analyzing the Economic Impacts of Major Events

Posted by Chandler West on January 30, 2024

This year, fans of the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the NFL at large will pour into Las Vegas, Nevada for Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium. While in Las Vegas, they will stay in hotels, feast on beer and wings at local bars and restaurants, and shop for souvenirs to take home to their families. Some will pass time on the Las Vegas Strip before the game while others will visit grocery stores to stock up on tailgating essentials. 

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Topics: Events, Economic Development

New in IMPLAN Cloud: Updated Occupation Data

Posted by Chandler West on January 11, 2024

IMPLAN’s ever-expanding data suite just got even better. We’re excited to announce the release of our newest occupation data. This latest release comes with significant updates and enhancements that offer valuable insights into occupational trends and their impact on the economy.

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Topics: Data, Economics, announcement, Impact, occupation data

Introducing IMPLAN’s First Quick Start Guide

Posted by Chandler West on December 5, 2023

Economic impact analysis isn’t just for those with years of experience in the field of economics anymore. 

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Topics: Economics, announcement, Impact, Education

Now Available: 2022 Data

Posted by Chandler West on November 29, 2023

Data season is here! At IMPLAN, we mark the holiday season with our annual data release. That means 2022 data has arrived in the IMPLAN Cloud application.

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Topics: Data

IMPLAN’s User Interface Redesign: Everything You Need to Know About the Newest Release

Posted by Chandler West on October 16, 2023

If you’ve logged into IMPLAN Cloud in the last month, you may have noticed that the app has undergone a makeover! While we frequently make updates and improvements to IMPLAN Cloud, we’re particularly excited about this batch of changes to our user interface. Our Product Development team has been hard at work making it easier than ever to perform economic impact analysis, and we’re so excited to show you what’s new in the IMPLAN Cloud application.

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Topics: Economics, Methodology, announcement


Put simply, IMPLAN is built for everyone.

Together, our software and data give you a window into your region of study — like one gigantic transaction log for the local economy. Chances are that if your project or business has a financial component, then IMPLAN can reveal some sometimes surprising detail about how your project relates to the local, state, or national economy.

What used to take economists weeks can be done in minutes. By anyone!

But you're not alone, IMPLAN's best benefits go beyond the work done in the tool:

  • Easy to learn and use
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  • Instills confidence in your analyses

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