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2020 Data Season is Here

December 16, 2021 by Chandler West

It’s that time of year again. Here at IMPLAN, we mark the holiday season with our annual data release. That means 2020 data has arrived in the IMPLAN application!


An Unusual Year

At IMPLAN, we strive to provide the most thorough and up-to-date data to our users. This year’s data release is particularly exciting. As we are all aware, the economy experienced significant changes in 2020 associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 IMPLAN data reflects many of these shifts, giving users the opportunity to capture changes related to stimulus checks, PPP loans, and more in their analyses.

As you can probably imagine, this Data Year is going to have some unique caveats that will reflect the state of the national economy during the global pandemic. We can all agree 2020 was a weird one. We cover the weirdness of the dataset and the impact it has on how you should use it in your economic impact studies in greater depth in our 2020 Data Release Notes.

Our economy may never return to the “old normal” and even today it’s still unclear what the recovery will look like. When used alongside our 2019 data, our 2020 data can help you model economic impacts in a way that reflects the many possibilities ahead.


Accessing the Data

If you’re already an IMPLAN subscriber, you have automatic access to the new data. You can find it by signing on to app.implan.com and choosing 2020 from the Data Year selection box.

Not subscribed yet? Call us at (800) 704-9426 or schedule a demo by filling out the form below to learn more about all of the advantages of using IMPLAN for your next economic analysis.


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Put simply, IMPLAN is built for everyone.

Together, our software and data give you a window into your region of study — like one gigantic transaction log for the local economy. Chances are that if your project or business has a financial component, then IMPLAN can reveal some sometimes surprising detail about how your project relates to the local, state, or national economy.

What used to take economists weeks can be done in minutes. By anyone!

But you're not alone, IMPLAN's best benefits go beyond the work done in the tool:

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