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The Fight for Funding

January 12, 2017 by Phil Cheney
Small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations across the country are struggling each day just to survive.

With funding becoming more and more difficult to secure each year, nonprofits are finding that communicating their value to stakeholders is more important than ever.
But even in this challenging landscape, some organizations are thriving. One of those groups is ACHIEVA, a nonprofit organization in southwestern Pennsylvania that provides lifelong support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

20161205_NP_CaseStudyCover_impactanalysis.pngTo learn how they managed to quantify their value and stand out in the eyes of their contributors, download the case study ACHIEVA & the Cohort: How One Nonprofit Learned Its Economic Impact.


20161205_NP_WhitePaperCover_impactanalysis.pngTo learn how you can increase your organization’s funding today, download the associated white paper 3 Steps to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Funding.



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